Sunday School Mission

To provide education to the children related to the Punjabi language, and spiritual, moral, and cultural traditions of the Sikh religion. The educational curriculum will enable the students to read, write and speak Punjabi. In addition, this program will teach them the Sikh religion, its ethics, history and way of life.

About Sunday School:

At present, there are 320 students attending 7 different levels of education. The 7 levels are split into 17 different classes. The students are assigned to a specific class depending on their age and knowledge of Punjabi language and culture.

Every year, Sunday School is held from August through May. The classes are held every Sunday from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon. There are about 50 volunteer teachers and teacher’s assistants, who are helping in running the Sunday School. The students are taught music on Sunday afternoons from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm.  They learn to play harmonium, tabla and string instruments, such as sitar, rabab and dilruba.

In addition, summer school is continued from June through August.

Sunday School – An Historical Perspective:

The Sunday School, consisting of only five students was started in 1985.  The class used to be held under a tree behind the Gurdwara.

Since a humble start, the Sunday School has flourished with leaps and bounds.  Many students have learnt to read, write and speak Punjabi from this school.  A number of former students are now teaching Sunday School classes.

The Sunday School students have been performing shabad kirtan, playing harmonium and tabla, and making gurmat speeches annually on the auspicious occasions of gurpurbs for Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Baisakhi and at the end of the year.  The students have also participated regularly in the Gur Gadhi Divas celebration procession in Yuba City every November.  The Sunday School students have also taken an active role for the Langar seva.  Under parent supervision, they have prepared and served complete Langar.

Starting 1987, Sunday School students have been celebrating Baisakhi and a Cultural Program, which has now become an annual event.  The students are awarded trophies and certificates for their participation in the school and cultural activities.  These events will be helpful to the students in meeting their requirements of extra-curricular activities when they apply for admission to a college.

To provide an open air forum for learning and appreciating Indian way of life, a picnic has been arranged every year for the Sunday School students and their families.  The children participate in various group games and listen to religious lectures and talks related to challenges facing the sikh childen in the United States and the guidance to handle them.  The former students have also discussed importance of learning Sikh culture and Punjabi language, and how this is helpful during college life.

Sunday School Incharge/Principal:

Mr. Rashpal S. Bains